Indian Elvis – As Seen on TV

A name given indirectly by the public when first starting out performing in small pubs and social clubs East/West Midlands and later graduating to lucrative venues.

INDIAN ELVIS (Bal Johal), born and bred in the City of Derby, a serious vocalist, stage performer with a natural talent, vocal range and power of voice influenced from an early age listening to his favourite artist icon ELVIS PRESLEY and then
the Kings own personal favourites, good friends Sir Tom Jones and the late great Roy Orbison.

Not just capturing the look but vocally sounding like Elvis, paying tribute to the icons musical achievements where many artist can sometimes fall short by the clipping off of too many meaningful notes actually diminishing instead of enhancing the Legend and his accomplishments.

The market is saturated by Elvis impersonators and Tribute acts from all over the world such is the phenomenon and Indian Elvis can seem like a breath of fresh air of someone seeing him for the first time.

Finalist at the European Elvis championships 2020 and winner of the Katie Meager Spirit of Elvis award.

With Michael King, Producer of the European Elvis Competition

“I always find the premier Elvis Tribute Acts will always want to show something more as they will have the vocal range to express themselves”

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